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Please read BEFORE you post!
« on: March 09, 2011, 08:10:30 pm »
Just the same as before, thanks to Dude for letting us copy/paste them, but it's very important that everyone reads them before they post, because they will be enforced strictly and anyone who breaks them will be removed from the forum.

Appropriate behaviour
No bad language, inappropriate images, or links to inappropriate sites. FOMW should be safe for kids. Note however that FOMW is retroactively moderated. This means that any member can post anything they like; if it's deemed unsuitable, then it can be removed after it has been posted. Posts are not moderated before appearing on the board, so there will be a time window in which inappropriate posts could be visible.

Monkey World Staff Privacy
Discussion of MW keepers should be limited to their roles at MW, or areas of their life that are genuinely public, or things that they have indicated they are happy to have discussed in public. For example, discussion of Jeremy's bike rides would be fine, but discussion of a keeper's home life would not be OK. They deserve their privacy.

Contacting Monkey World
Monkey World has a limited staff to field enquiries by phone and email. While various topics raised in the forum may be answerable by a quick email or phone call to Monkey World, we strongly discourage this, as it can put a strain on their resources. If an answer to a specific question is desired, find one person to email Monkey World, and they can report back to the forum.

Quoting Monkey World Staff
Monkey World has a communications manager who is in contact with the forum administrators. The relationship is the same as Monkey World's relationship with any other press organisation. We receive press releases and various bits of information that we can publicise. Only administrators will post these press releases.

Any other conversation with Monkey World staff, whether in person, by phone or through email, should be regarded as a private conversation. If you receive communication from a member of Monkey World staff, you must not copy it into the forum. In particular, you must not include the staff member's name. Posting a private conversation on the internet, unless you have been explicitly told you have permission to do so, is a serious breach of etiquette, and could be embarrassing or damaging to the staff member.

If you believe the information is of general interest to forum members, then you may summarise the gist of the message in your own words, without attribution to the source.

If you are in any doubt about how you should handle a specific piece of information, send it to one of the administrators, and we will decide what is appropriate.


If you receive information that a primate at Monkey World has died, and the death has not been mentioned in the forum, please contact an administrator. We will contact Monkey World to get the official story, and make an appropriate post.


Inevitably, primates at Monkey World will die, or fall ill. When this happens, it is important to remember that the Monkey World staff form a dedicated, professional team who have done their best to look after the animals, and will be upset at the incident.

Thus it is not appropriate to engage in speculation about the cause of death or illness. Such speculation could be very hurtful to the staff involved in the animal's care, as it could imply that they had made bad decisions, or had not taken all the precautions they could have taken.

Monkey World generally releases as much information as it can when it is available. We can wait.

Remember that Monkey World staff frequently visit the forum. Anything you say can be seen by them.


Criticism of MW is acceptable if it is constructive. No-one imagines that everything MW does is perfect, least of all the MW team itself. However, this is a Friends of Monkey World site, so outright hostility would not be acceptable.

Site Focus

This site has a tight focus on MW and primates. It is not a generic "animal rights" site. In particular, any advocacy of militant animal rights activism would not be acceptable, and would probably result in the user being banned.


No hotlinking. This means that if you link to an image on another site, then either it should be a site that you own, or a site that is provided explicitly for the purpose of hosting images (e.g. flickr, imageshack). Hotlinking to sites without their permission is morally dubious, as they have to pay for the bandwidth consumption, without getting the visitors to their site.


Don't breach copyright. If you post an image on the site, then you must hold the copyright for that image, or you must have permission from the copyright holder to post the image. This applies to images used as avatars too.

The Ape Rescue Chronicle magazines and the adoption photographs are all copyright Monkey World. Please don't post copies of them on the internet. The ARC and photos are supplied as a benefit to adopters, so if they're made freely available, it may discourage a number of people from paying for an adoption, which would mean less money to pay for rescuing primates in future.

Note that you do not hold the copyright for photographs that you have taken at Monkey World. The copyright for these images is held by Monkey World.

Personal Security

For your own safety, don't publish any information about yourself that you are not happy for everyone in the world to know. In particular, be very careful about sharing your name, email address or birthday. You can adjust the settings in your profile to change the amount of information that you are sharing. Be very careful about implying information inadvertently; for example, even if you don't want to publicise your birthday, if you say "I have the same birthday as Seamus" then everyone will know what it is.

Relationship to Monkey World

Monkey World staff may post in the forum, but that does not mean that Monkey World is endorsing this site. Posts by Monkey World staff can be considered the equivalent of letters to the editor of a newspaper. The staff are just forum members, like everyone else. For the sake of clarity, Monkey World staff are specially tagged so you can tell which posts are theirs easily by looking under their username next to their posts.

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